Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Some interesting stocks nearing buy points (II)

This is a follow up to an earlier post in which I highlighted three stocks in my watch list that could break out if the markets followed through. Since then all three have broken out and look poised to move much higher. If you entered these when they triggered and have put your stop loss in place. You should now be in "sit on your hands" mode waiting until you either get stopped out, one of your take profit rules are triggered or the market indicies have made some sort of extremely bearish move that likely indicates much lower prices. Below are the current charts of the same stocks. (Yellow lines indicate current and previous buy points)

I would also like to highlight two more stocks in my watch list that I believe could offer buy opportunties in the near future. These are CAGC and DRWI. They both have very extended charts forming late stage bases but they are very beautiful and look like they could move much higher if the market does so.

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