Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Well, well, well...

Today I did not stick to my plan with regards to entering YUII long if if broke through the $10.oo level. In fact, after being stopped out of SPU today and seeing a lot of leaders negative on the day after being up five to six days in a row I second guessed my self. I decided that I would not take on any additional risk until the markets pull backed some. Well YUII blasted off today closing up 12.35%.

Although I am kicking myself right now I still believe that I made the right decision. My first consideration now is always risk. After being stopped out for a $101.50 loss and still having $155.00 at risk with NEP, I decided to play defence and not put any more of my capital at risk until I at least move my stop to break even on NEP. YUII could have just as easily as it moved up today, triggered and reversed setting me back around another $100.00 in risk capital.

Defense is the name of the game!

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