Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Another loss!

I tightened my stop on FSII and got stopped out @ $2.70 for a loss of about $55.00 including commissions.

I am currently losing on my ASPS position but I still love the chart and fundamentals alot. I will continue to hold as long it does not trade below $25.00.

As for YUII, it is still acting beautifully. Whenever it makes a decisive move through $12.00; I will move my stop to break even and continue to hold this one while keeping an eye on the markets and on further opportunities to tighten my stop.

Right now I am looking for a place to put the cash freed up from the FSII position and SPU which I highlighted in my previous is looking very attractive. I will try to enter it when ever it makes a move past $6.60.

I was looking at CHOP for the longest while now and it finally triggered when all my capital was tied up! Jeeeeezz. Stock Markets...give me a break! Will continue to watch this one as it has a very nice chart.

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