Wednesday, March 24, 2010

FXI and chinese stocks

I am of the firm opinion that the FXI and Chinese stocks in general are in the process of forming a longer term top. Many of the Chinese stocks that lead the March 2009 - Present rally are forming longer term topping patterns after huge run-ups. Take a look at the following charts. They speak for themselves.

After leading the markets higher from March 2009 into June/July 2009, the FXI started lagging the rest of the markets. Unlike the US indexes which have continued in their longer term uptrends, FXI sliced through its 200 day MA in January and is now putting in a weak low volume rally up to the 200 day MA (classic topping pattern) meanwhile the US indexes are currently hitting new 52-week highs. Once the current rally ends, it looks like it gonna be a free fall for chinese stocks.

Take a look at these two former recent chinese leaders both appear to be topping:

However, the piece de resistance is RINO. Take a look at this classic pattern that RINO is forming, the Head and Shoulders:

I am eagerly anticipating a trigger to get short of RINO.

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