Thursday, April 22, 2010

Closed CELM position...

I closed out the CELM trade @ $8.70 for a profit of about $290.00 after commissions. I was expecting to be in this position for atleast a couple days before my target was hit which was actually $8.75 but I pulled the trigger a bit early. Perhaps a bit too early as CELM is now trading much higher and looks poised to move even higher!

However, my goal is not to catch entire moves but to get about 3R or more. Especially at this point after a 2 month+ rally. Like I said profits are very volatile at this point with the T2108 at above 80 levels for over a month now. The risk of a pull back is very high so profits in hands are worth more than twice in the bush!

I am still holding onto my positons in MSPD and DLLR. I do not anticipate these stocks hitting there targets anytime soon but never know especially with earnings just around the corner for both stocks. Once MSPD and DLLR move up to a decent profit I will move my stop quickly to break even. I am going to be very aggressive with profit taking. I will trade like a SNIPER!

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