Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Go BIDU...Go!

Its as if the market did not under go a severe correction last week for BIDU. This morning BIDU broke out to new all time highs! Here is the chart:

What a beauty! Although BIDU is clearly in a powerful uptrend. It is not a low risk buy at this point in my opinion. It could continue moving higher without pulling back but I believe it would be safer to wait for the markets to atleast rest or pull back before purchasing shares in BIDU.

BIDU should definitely be in your watchlist.

Another powerful stock that I have been keeping a close eye on is NFLX. NFLX is up 4% already today and into new all time high territory.
I would like to own shares of NFLX, however, I am waiting for some sort of handle before I buy into NFLX.
So this is another good candidate for you to add to your watch lists.

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