Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I am now long the markets...

I am now holding long positions in NFLX, FFIV and DTG. The NFLX and FFIV positions I plan to close out tomorrow. They report earnings this week so holding through earnings will be too risky. Hopefully they gap up at the open so that I can exit for nice profits. DTG I plan to hold for a swing trade as it does not report earnings till August.

I also like ROVI and PWER. Since PWER reports this week then I will not trade it. However, ROVI which does that report until August, I will try to enter as it does not report earning till August like DTG.

After the gap down this morning, I was expecting that markets to rally and likely close positive. However, I did not expect to see what I am seeing now and that is why I have broken my rule and initiated positions intraday (that I did not plan for the night before). None the less, my risk on my trades are well defined and so barring some thing out of the ordinary I will likely live to see another trading if the trades do not pan out as I foresee.

Good luck and good trading!

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