Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Re-established my initial stops...

For some reason the early weakness in the markets caused me to panic somewhat and so I tightened up my stops but I just realized that I was making a big MISTAKE!

1) I am long two stocks that are in intermediate term up trends (higher highs and higher lows on the daily chart and price is above an upward trending 20 day MA);
2) The markets are in the early stages of a confirmed uptrend (according to IBD rules);
3) I have no idea how long neither the uptrend in the indexes nor the uptrend in the individual stocks is going to last!
4) One day of weakness after several up days does not mean that the trend has come to an end.

Therefore I have absolutely no reason to sell or move my stops from below the pivot low (at these levels I am risking less than 4% of my account!) with the potential to make upwards of 15% - 20% in the coming weeks should the uptrend last for at least another month.

So after taking all these factors into consideration, I have decided that I was to hasty. So I replaced my initial stops and will sit tight with these stocks until they violate a pivot low. However, I still plan to sell before earnings if I do not have a profit cushion!

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