Friday, July 2, 2010

Still in cash...

I love corrections because I know at some point they are going to end. Then when they do end, opportunities to get long for holding periods in excess of 6 months on full margin and pyramiding will once again arise.

So in the meantime I am reviewing the leaders off of the March 2009 bottom and looking at buy points, add on buy points, behavior of the stocks at the key averages and during volatile market periods in preparation for holding positions in the future leaders.

I am also occupying my evenings with reading articles and books. I especially like the articles on's education section and the education section on Gil Morales' site. A very good book that I am also currently reading is How legendary traders made Millions by John Boik. Exciting stuff!

So until we get a follow through day and a plethora of fundamentally strong stocks forming beautiful bases, the prudent thing to do is to stay in cash.

Good luck and good sitting!

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