Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Trades than can make you YEAR!

BTN's break out to new highs yesterday from a cup with out handle base after announcing better than expected earnings; is one of the best set ups I have seen I started trading. These are the trades than can go on to double or even triple. The real home run trades that can expand your account many fold.

Ordinarily I would have loaded the boat on this stock. I mean get long on 100% margin and risk a big chunk of my account on this idea. This literally one of those trades where all the stars have aligned and everything is just about perfect and are really worth risking a big chunk of your account on.

None the less, I did not take this trade. Although I may have missed this entry any ways, I plan to liquidate my TOS account and start day trading with a prop firm: Keystone Trading Group. I am of the view that trading with a prop firm like Keystone is a better value for me at this point than trading my own tiny account. The education they provide, the potential for me to do it full time and not to mention better returns on my investment are the reasons for my decision.

So after today, I will not be posting anymore on this blog. I plan to focus all my energies into understanding the Keystone Curriculum and to master their style of trading. So that with in the next year or so I can become a full time prop trader and have the potential to work from home full time.

Best of luck to the regular visitors of my blog!

Good bye for now!

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