Monday, September 6, 2010

Current Leadership...

The most obvious stocks leading the markets at the moment are the ones involved in the Cloud computing industry other communications and networking stocks. These include FFIV, VMW, RVBD, CRM, SPRD, INFA, MCRS, and RDWR. In my view, it is easily understandable why these stocks would be leading the market especially since cloud computing is a new phenomenon and would garner high earnings growth and high expectations for the future.

However, why are restauarant stocks like CMG, YUM and MCD leading the market? I do not know why and quite frankly I do not really care! I just know they are leading so they are in my watch list and when they set up I will get long of them. The reason I wanted to mention this point has to with all the talk of a double dip recession. If we are on the verge of such a recession; why are these stocks hitting new high?

I'm not an expert analyst. I just want to make money. Hope these ideas help you do the same.

Good luck and good trading!

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