Friday, October 22, 2010

Why I would hold ANTP but sell CHGS...

If you follow my blog you would have noticed that ANTP and CHGS both of which I have highlighted broke out of similar patterns this week. However, while I would likely only take partial profit in ANTP and look to hold a piece for a longer move I would have sold all of my CHGS into momentum.

The reason for this has to do with what triggered the trend in both stocks. Where as the move in CHGS was triggered by a news annoucement in China (I think...not entirely certain about this) but the move in ANTP on the other hand was triggered by an earnings surprise. Earnings surprises then have a longer lasting effect on price action (PEAD which I have mentioned before many times) and so ANTP is more likely to trend for a few weeks (granted the overall markets do not correct) while CHGS will likely fizzle out within a few days (irrespectiive of overall market action).

Essentially CHGS is just a piece of junk (I happen to like junk stocks because they make the biggest moves in the shortest time) while ANTP is more of a quality company though still some what speculative.

Hope this is useful for your trading. If you study you will find alot of posts with detailed explanations also if you look at timothysykes DVD, Pennystocking part deux you see that he applies similar concept for longs.

Good luck and good trading!

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