Friday, December 10, 2010

I wish...

I really wish I had stuck to trading my own account instead of taking the money to start training with a prop firm. I am of the opinion that I would have been much closer to my dream of trading full time than I am now.

Since I started trading in December 2009 to about Mid May I ran my account up about 75% from $4000.00 to about $7500.00. Then during the correction when things got a bit tough I had about a 25% draw down. This was in July when I made the decision to stop trading my own account and join a prop firm. After that the markets have been on a tear. I am convinced that I would have at least doubled my account from the lows in July to now.

So now I would have been sitting on $12,000 in equity and $24,000 in overnight buying power and just needing to double my account one more time to get past the dreaded PDT and much close to full time trading on my own!

However, I am now stuck in a program in which I have to reach goal which seems unlikely given the restrictions and strategy that we forced to utilize. Every day I am forced to trade stocks that go no where mean while I have to look at stocks like the ones I highlight on my blog nightly pop 10%+ with smooth intra day up trends.

Anyways there really is no sense in fussing about this now. I have to try my best to get to my goal and become a full time prop trader by the end of January. Wish me luck!

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