Monday, December 13, 2010

Review of past few watch lists...

Once again there were some outstanding performers from my watch list.

SHZ which triggered on the open closed up over 19% from yesterday's close and is no doubt a stock to continue to holding.

MGIC like SHZ triggered right on the open and closed up over 15%. This too is a stock to hold on to for further gains.

MIPS which I featured as a buy last Wednesday night continues to act well is unquestionably a stock to hold. This is a stock I would hold at least 25% of my initial position for a position trade using the 20 day SMA and swing lows as an exit signal.

HDY tried to break out but did not hold above the level. This is one to tighten a stop on if you got long. However, one still has to keep has to look for a break out unless the stock breaks down completely.

AAU came in near the close but is a stock to continue holding for a swing trade.

CMM triggered right on the open and followed through nicely.

CPWM is now up over 36% from where I had recommended buying it. I would look to take at least 75% profits at these levels and with this type of price action.

LOCM pushed up again. However, I would look to take some profits off on account of the current price action.

IRBT continues to act nicely and is no doubt a hold.

MCP triggered in the second hour of the day and ran up nicely. This is definitely a hold.

FN and VRA turned out to be great day trades as I had recommended although they both came in on the close.

Most of the other stocks in the previous watch list did not trigger or triggered an closed up very little like RDCM. If you have been following my watch list and my rules about how to play these stocks you should definitely be making lots of money right now!

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