Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Third loser....

Got out of RVBD for another big loss after having an opportunity to get out even. I tried to get out of the calls twice before I finally got filled for about a $210.00 loss after commissions. I traded the Dec 18 NFLX $200.00 Call Option. However, long was clearly the wrong trade and I got out quickly for a flat.

So now my account is down to about $250.00 from its high of $830.00 or roughly 70%. I am still convinced that I can trade my way to higher highs with options. Losing money has been more a function of poor decisions and lack or risk management planning on my path as opposed to having a poor system or strategy.

I still believe that with some patience (i.e. waiting for solid set ups) and bit of luck I can at least get my account back to about $400.00.

I will have one day trade tomorrow and with this I will be looking to day trade the weeklys in any one of the following that sets up to my liking:

GOOG: long 520/510 puts below $586.00.
GM: long 34/35 calls above $35.00.
GS: long 145 puts below yesterday's low.
AMZN: long 180 calls above $182.00.
VXX: long 40/41 calls above yesterday's high.
RIMM: consolidating on daily; long 65/67.5 calls on an upside break out or long 57.5/60 puts on break down.
LVS: long 47/48 puts below $47.50.

So thats my plan for tomorrow.

Good luck and good trading!

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