Thursday, January 27, 2011

My favorite set up...

Most often I will miss the first part of a move. In the case of CCME, it is the shaded area in the blue box above. However, I do not mind this. This shows me that the stock clearly has short term momentum and that big buyers are coming into the stock (price/volume spikes). This gives me time watch how the stock trades and monitor the quality of the set up it is forming against the price action in the markets and its peers. I am also able to research the catalyst behind the move and to sort of assign a conviction rating to stock.In the case of CCME these factors lead me to tweeting that this was my favorite stock heading into today and that this stock was a buy @ $19.50. This would have allowed to catch the second part of the move and to be sitting on a 15%+ gain after one day in the yellow box!

As I have posted time and time again this is my favorite set up and most often I will miss the first part of the move. This is where most traders lose interest in the stock. However, this is where I become most interested stalking the stock for the continuation. These continuation set ups offer much better risk/reward and success rates as opposed to attempting to catch the initial break outs. Please that this does not mean that I do not trade break outs. I do this when the risk/reward and price action are perfect. An example of this would have been NXPI which I would have caught @$14.00 and HDY which I would have caught @$3.60ish.

Hope you find this useful. Good luck and good trading!

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