Sunday, January 23, 2011

Watch list update...

Neither CBPO nor ZAGG triggered on Friday but I still like them for long swings. EXAM which I suggested as a buy on Twitter on Friday triggered but closed weak. However, it is still a hold until it violates $22.00. I like CCME and ISS as longs for Monday.

TGA bounced a bit but MOTR continued to fall on Friday. I would not have been in either of the two as I had said in my last update that I thought the markets would bounce.

IMRS which I recommended to hold ended Friday's session up over 9%! This is still a hold.

GGAL would still be long a half position with a $16.00 stop.

PAM continues to act well and I would still be long a half position.

If you have been following my tweets and blog you would surely have been profitable. This is how you make consistent profits. Small quick losses, small gains and occasionally some big winners like PAM and GGAL have the potential to be. GSL ended moving up over 3% after I recommended taking a quick small profit into weakness. However this happens. GSL could easily have pushed down 3% and stopping out for a loss. This is what trading is about following your rules religiously as we do not know what the future will bring.

Hope this is useful. Good luck and good trading!

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