Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Watchlist update...

IMRS and UTA were the only triggers from last night's watch list so far. The markets were a bit weak early and UTA stopped out. However, I would be looking to enter UTA on a push back through $7.00. IMRS has triggered but is not moving. Guess its a hold but it looks like a slow mover so I would be inclined to exit at least a half position into the close if it does not make a move.

GGAL has moved up nicely today on good volume after triggering yesterday and is a hold at least to $17.00 resistance. Stop loss should be move to break even on this trade.

AUGT is also up today after triggering a buy yesterday morning. Stop loss should also be moved to break even. This stock has already moved into new high territory after only two days although the volume on the break out has been lackluster. This stock is a hold until some sort of exhaustion move. I would try to hold at least a half position in this until it cracks the 10 day SMA on heavy volume.

PAM has moved up nicely after triggering on Tuesday. I would keep my stop on this one below Tuesday's low and look for a break out to new 52 week highs since big volume has not really come into the stock yet. I think that this stock will explode when volume does come in.

GSL is also up today and continues to act nicely. I would keep an eye on the previous day's low as a spot to exit this one or an exhaustion move. Until either of those to happen continue to hold this stock with a stop below Tuesday's low.

The markets have been very weak today. Do not worry about a collapse or reversal in the markets. You are not trading the markets! Although most stocks do follow the general trend of the markets. Let your stocks tell you when to get out not the markets! Your stops will take out! Do not out think yourself...KISS!!!

Good luck and good trading!

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