Thursday, January 20, 2011

Watchlist update...

Three swing set ups from last night's watch list triggered today. BODY, TGA and MOTR. BODY looks good for a hold. However, the markets look poised to bounce and TGA and MOTR looks a bit extended short term to the downside. So if I were short these two I would have a very tight leash on them especially if the markets close strong.

IMRS continues to hold up well and could bounce if the markets do. So this is a hold if long.

GGAL: Like I said last night, were I long this from where I suggested buying in it I would have sold half this morning near $17.00 into the gap up with a stop around $16.00ish on the second piece.

AUGT I would have been shaken out for break even in the morning sell off. This happens.

PAM I would have exited half of this position into the morning spike and be holding the other piece with a stop below $18.00.

GSL I would have been out of for a small profit after it traded below yesterday's low this morning.

Hope you find my thoughts useful.

Good luck and good trading!

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