Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Check out the performance of my watch list from last night!

Long Set ups: 
$BITA (above $11.20 on solid volume), - Never triggered an entry

$EXFO (if printing consistently and trending higher above $10.00, then buy a pause/pullback on the 15 min chart); - Pushed up but was not printing. Still offered a profitable set up when it broke out of a pause on the 15 min @ $10.25 around 11:30 

$BLTI (above $3.25 on well above average volume); - This did exactly what I wanted to see and closed up over 7% from the buy point and near its HOD and is a hold. 

$EEE (break of $3.00); -Triggered on massive volume right out of the gate. I tweeted to sell this @ $3.40 for a quick 13% gain!

$RLGT (above $1.20); -Never triggered and I have removed it from my watch list as it is too thin.

$SHZ (above $6.00, this is my favorite set up by far on account of the strenght in $REE and $MCP today I think $SHZ will definitely bounce); $SHZ which I said was my favorite set up went on to be one of the best performers today up over 9% from my recommended buy point and is a definite hold as it closed at the HOD. Here is the chart:

 $FNMA (above $0.65 looking for a quick pop for a day trade, I also love this set up!) - Triggered but never popped like I expected. Was never in the red though!

Short Set ups: - None of them triggered!!!

Want fast big gains and even faster smaller losses...check out my nightly watch list! 

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