Monday, February 28, 2011

Today's trade update...

I know your probably thinking..."he must have nailed that $DPTR today!" If you're thinking that then you'd be dead wrong. Instead of trading $DPTR, I chose to trade the earnings break out in $JKS (details are shown in "My Recent Trades" to the right of the blog). The oil stocks not moving yet plus the daily chart of $JKS looking so juicy in addition to it being a former big runner and a greater than 50% earnings surprise mean't I had to trade this! The charts below show what I saw initially on the daily and then where I bought and sold on the 15 minute:

Daily chart of $JKS

15 Min chart of $JKS

I was a bit distracted on the exit side of this trade as I had planned to get out at $31.50 for an even smaller loss than I eventually got. Lesson: never trade when you have major distractions!

$DPTR on the other hand played out perfectly as per my blog post detailing its set up last night -->(Update and watch list for tomorrow...) and closed up over 18% after being up as much as 28% intra day! What can I is not easy!

Don't plan to do much trading for the rest of the week as I have quite a number of meetings at work. None the less, here's looking forward to tomorrow!

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