Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Watch list for tomorrow...

Long Set ups: 
$BITA (above $11.20 on solid volume),
$EXFO (if printing consistently and trending higher above $10.00, then buy a pause/pullback on the 15 min chart);
$BLTI (above $3.25 on well above average volume);
$EEE (break of $3.00);
$RLGT (above $1.20);
$SHZ (above $6.00, this is my favorite set up by far on account of the strenght in $REE and $MCP today I think $SHZ will definitely bounce);
 $FNMA (above $0.65 looking for a quick pop for a day trade, I also love this set up!)

Short Set ups:
$DBLE (break of $8.00)
$FNMAH (keep an eye on this on tomorrow; will tweet if it set ups a good short opportunity intra day)
$MCOX (below $5.40)

Earnings Breakouts: I have not yet subscribed to an equity feed that allows me to see what stocks are up the most premarket or one such as the Blue fin Screener that screens for stocks with big earnings surprises. In addition, I am back to work full time and so I am often too busy in the mornings to scan for earnings based ideas. So I will stick to my momentum based ideas for the time being but post potential earnings break outs as I stumble upon them from time to time.

Hope you find this list useful.

Good luck and good trading!

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