Monday, February 21, 2011

Watch list for Tuesday, February 22nd...


$SWS has not followed through like I anticipated it would have and so I would not recommend holding on this any longer. Momentum in $CVV and $INPH has begun to ease and booking profits or at least partial profits in both of these is a very good idea at this point. The only trigger from Friday's watch was $HNHI which should have resulted in a small loss.


The markets have gone up for a very long time with out at least a one day correction. At some point this will come and catch a lot traders off guard. Now I am not in the business of anticipating what the markets will do next since I do not trade the markets. However, if the markets sell off hard then most stocks will follow it and being in short positions will likely pay off big. All I am saying is preparation is key! And although dips continue to be bought and we should trade accordingly it pays to be prepared for when the bottom falls out so that we are not caught off guard! Please wait for the clear selling to come into the market before putting on shorts as early shorts continue to get the stuffing squeezed out of them (case in point: $HNHI on Friday!).

Hope you find my ideas useful.

Good luck and good trading! 

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