Wednesday, March 23, 2011

These charts are so similar its scary!!!

Here are the intra day charts of the two stocks around the time when I played them this week. The set ups and result are so similar (and fit exactly into what I was looking for) so perfectly its almost frightening. Yet I failed to nail both of them perfectly but still netted over $210.00 or 16.4% on my tiny account from both of them after commissions. Here are the charts with what I was supposed to do versus what I actually did highlighted:

I also made one other stupid trade in $PRAN that is not highlighted but its in the table on the right so you can figure out where I bought and sold your own. However, do you see how eerily similar these two stock played out after spiking on a news event in the morning. Do you understand the logic behind my trades in these two stocks now? Can you see how powerful this set up is as I still managed to make profits despite not trading them perfectly? So next time you see me tweet an entry that I plan to hold over night; picture these two charts in your head so that you understand why and what I am looking for!

Will post watches for tomorrow later...

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