Thursday, March 3, 2011

Update and Watch List for tomorrow...


I closed my overnight positions in $LEI and $TGC premarket. Wanted to get out of $LEI nearer $4.00 but TOS pre-market hours had not yet started. By the time it opened $LEI was about $0.30 lower already! Still made a decent profit of $260ish or about a 40% gain on that position! I also closed my other position which was in $TGC for a flat pre-market. I wanted to get into $KONG (text book cup with handle break out on earnings) so badly. However, because my account is still under $2,000.00 and I have to wait one day before I can day trade with overnight funds; I was forced to not trade since entering a trade could have potentially lead to a day trade which would lead to a margin call. So to avoid a hold on my account I simply watched $KONG move higher without me.


Hope you find these ideas useful. Good luck and good trading!

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