Monday, March 28, 2011

Update and watch list for tomorrow...


I made one trade today; a day trade in $OBCI. It did not pan out like I expected and so I cut it quickly for a reasonable loss. Today was a somewhat tough day. There were not a lot of easy opportunities. That's just how it is one some days...not easy. So I'm in 100% cash right now. I will add to my account tomorrow so I will be trading on margin by Wednesday. I should also complete my application to Speedtrader by tomorrow as well so I could be trading with them by as early as this week!


I have only two ideas that I like and they are both longs. However, be careful as the markets look like they want to bounce with the $VIX finally putting the bottom I have been anticipating for a few days now. Wish I had gotten long the $VIX calls on Friday!!! Anyways, here are my ideas for tomorrow:

I still think $MNTX is good for a long swing on a break of $6.00 with volume. $FTK triggered on right on the open today and spiked up as much $0.50 from the suggested buy point. Would have been a decent day trade but if you tried to swing it then you would likely have been stopped out for a loss unless you anticipated the failure early!

Good luck and good trading!

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