Saturday, April 30, 2011

How I plan to help new traders...

I must apologize to the few readers of my blog for not posting for a few days now. The reason for this has been a combination of being very busy at my full time job as well as working on content for my new blog. Within the next couple months or so I will be launching a new word press blog with my own domain instead of the blogger domain that I currently use.

This blog will have a much better structure than the one I currently have and therefore much more useful to traders especially those new to the game. On this new blog I will explain in detail every aspect of my trading method including finding stocks, watch lists, patterns I use, entries and exits, risk management, tools I use etc. using a combination of written articles as well as more video and audio. Not only will I clearly articulate my method for making profits in stock but I will also share each step of my process every day as well the out comes so that any one interested in my method will able to see it live! Over time I hope to launch a chat room for traders that are under the PDT and trying to get over this hurdle organically (that is without going prop) using method or a variation of it. My longer term goal is to form a network of traders from all over the world at varying levels of experience helping each other to initially learn how to become consistently profitable employing swing trading methods, how to get over the PDT hurdle and eventually how to make the transition from part time trading to full time trading if your desire is to do so.

Transferring everything I have in my head and that I have learned from nearly four years of trading has proven quite difficult and time consuming. However, I hope to complete this mission soon and to have my new blog up and running in no time. In the mean time, please bear with my infrequent posting until I am able to launch my new blog. Please note, that I do post the long and short ideas that I am focusing on for the day on twitter. So be sure to follow me on twitter; my twitter handle is @elingford. Also feel free to DM me on twitter if you would like more detail about how I plan to play the ideas that I tweet about!

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