Monday, April 4, 2011

Update and watch list for tomorrow...


If you traded just about any of the ideas from my watch list last night you would have made money with the exception of $PWAV which did not even trigger. For some strange reason, of all the stocks I was looking at today I decided to trade one that did not even make my main watch list: $SWS and I lost money. Serves me right I guess, as this stock was on the third day of it run and was not very outstanding on the daily (it did not make last night's watch list). Anything else from the watch and I would have made money! But hey I know I am not perfect and that is why I keep my losses small including this one: just lost a measly $34.00 including commissions. So I'm "alive" to battle tomorrow...hopefully Tuesday treats me like a KING!!!


My favorite long idea is $PSTI but I also like the look of $ADEA; I think both of them have big time profit potential. However, $GFRE short is also very enticing especially on account of the weakness in the Chinese small caps due to fraud suspicions.Its gonna be very hard for me to not make profits tomorrow but some how it seems I find a way to mess up! 

Better luck with your own trading!

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