Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Update and watch list for tomorrow...


With the exception of $ADES which was really a buy yesterday nothing followed through. This is a stark contrast to yesterday when everything was going up. Many of the recent hot stocks stalled today and a very few followed through. I guess I can call myself a victim of the easing in bullishness today as my only trade today did not follow through any where as much as I was hoping. I longed $PSTI $3.00 breakout pre-market (like I had anticipated it might do) but the volume and follow through never came in. So as soon as it became clear to me that the stock was not acting right in addition to most others on my watch list I promptly exited for a flat after commissions. I rarely wait for my stop to get hit if its clear that I am wrong! So now I am 100% cash and with zero day trades left till Thursday I will not be trading tomorrow. However, are some interesting ideas for tomorrow:


 $VHC: If this spikes up huge in the morning look to short after the spike starts fading.

 $DAC: Look to short this stock if it cracks today's low on volume.

 $DGW: After a parabolic decline I think this stock will gap and bounce tomorrow. Look to day trade it but please do not overnight this stock!

$GFRE: I still think that this stock will tank to at least $5.00 if it cracks $5.50 support w/ volume.

$LGL: This stock has moved sideways for the entire rally after a massive gap down on volume a few weeks ago. I think this stock will make at least a decent intra day down move if it cracks $13.00ish support w/ volume.

Good luck and good trading!

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