Thursday, April 7, 2011

Update and watch list for tomorrow...


My apologies for not posting last night. However, I was caught up at a very engaging party and was too tired by the time I got home to post anything last night. Then in the morning I was too busy at work to post even a late update/watch list. Never the less, I did post my watches for today on twitter and traded them too! The hottest stocks today were clearly the rare earth stocks and I was tweeting about them all day! I traded $SHZ early on but I got frustrated into selling pre-maturely because I was too caught up watching the stock trade tick by tick instead of focusing on the bigger picture (the set up on the daily chart). So I sold for a small profit of about $13.00 or roughly a flat after commissions. Then later in the day; I some how pulled my self together. I realized that I had a powerful group of stocks that met all the criteria I wanted to see in stocks I would like to buy for swing trades. So I re-bought 200 $SHZ as it hit new highs in the afternoon @ $5.19ish and then later bought 330 $CHGS @ $3.10 as it dipped off new highs just before the close. So I am roughly 100% long over night and confident heading into tomorrow since these stocks are up after hours and my account overall is up about 3.5%ish on the day and still rising!


If I told you that I see good set ups...I will be telling a big lie! Apart from the rare earths which will likely offer good day trading opportunities tomorrow...absolutely nothing jumps out at me from my watches! If I were'nt long these rare earths then I would only be looking to possibly get long fresh break outs on a powerful catalyst.

Good luck and good trading tomorrow!

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