Saturday, April 2, 2011



None of the stocks on my watch list acted like I was anticipating except $MAKO. Although this one did follow through it was a bit choppy and so it would have been a tough one. So with the stocks from my watch not acting like I wanted them to; I turned to my FINVIZ "breakout" screen and found two set ups that I had liked: $HRZ (bounce play) and $AVL (technical breakout). I did not like the "upgrade" that $AVL was running on and the fact that none of the other rare earths were joining $AVL on the back of this upgrade. So I took $AVL off my watch list and decided to focus on $HRZ. I was waiting for a nice tight low, volume consolidation and then a high volume breakout late in the afternoon to get long....never happened! So I made no trades and I am still in 100% cash. Ironically $AVL turned out to be the better set up and one of the best performing stocks on the day! Here's a look at the charts and how I would have looked to play it:

$AVL Daily Chart

$AVL 15Min Chart
Would have been a great trade on a day with not too many easy plays. Even when I miss good set ups like this one; I try to learn from them for future reference as patterns often play out very, very similar!

Hope you found this post useful!

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