Friday, May 27, 2011

Open positions and watch list for today...


$AXK, $CT and $RMTI will remain. I recommend selling $TISA today since it has'nt acted as anticipated by breaking out and giving $SIMO one more day to prove it self. If $SIMO does'nt break out today then sell into the close. $OPXT and $PLAB triggered and therefore are now added to open positions with $AXK, $CT, $RMTI and $SIMO for at least one more day.



I think the markets are putting in a short term bounce at the very least and may even be at the start of a multi week up move. So I do not recommend shorting unless we start seeing blatant weakness in the markets. Based on the buying I saw yesterday, I think that it is fairly safe to hold swing longs in your portfolio such as those mentioned above in open positions.

Good luck and good trading!

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