Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Open positions and watch list for tomorrow...

I have come to realize that although I recommend swing ideas which can and often last for several days to weeks; I have neglected to consistently offer updates (i.e. whether to add to, sell partial, full sell or hold the initial position) on set ups that triggered. So from now I will do so for all set ups that triggered and only those that triggered (since it makes no sense offering updates for a set up that did not trigger) whether I took the set up or not from now on under "Open Positions". In addition, after an "open position" stock has either triggered a previously suggested stop loss or a take full profit level then I will no longer include it in the "open positions".  Please leave a comment if you will find this useful!




Please note: I mean't top say 20% short position and not 25%!

Under the open positions section, there are five stocks. If you look back at last nights watches you will see that I recommended putting about 20% of your portfolio into each position. So in theory, if I follow my own recommendations to the "T" then I would be 100% long as of today's close and therefore have no space for potential new positions such as those under tonight's long and short watches for tomorrow (assuming I have a cash account)! This is where swing trading gets tricky. For instance, if you see $REDF near triggering, you have to decide whether you will prefer holding onto an iffy position such as $SIMO or selling it in order to short $REDF. This is what can and often makes portfolio management very tricky indeed and is really up to a trader's own judgement. If you have any thoughts on this please leave a comment below! 

Good luck and good trading!

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