Sunday, August 7, 2011

My very best ideas for Monday!

I'm sure it is very clear to any one who's been around in trading for more than a year or so that we are now at levels that suggest a violent bounce even if for only one day is very very likely. We are all aware that the markets can continue to sell off on Monday and even Tuesday for that matter but the odds of a bounce out weigh this possibility big time if history has an value. So my bias is long and most of my watches for Monday are longs with the exception of one set up that the market may not have gotten to yet  but if it continues the way it has for the past week; its gonna get everything eventually! If we do not get a bounce on Monday and the markets continue selling off my plan is to watch the triple inverse ETF's ($TZA, $YANG, $DRV) on the 5 min chart for day trades. If on the other hand, we do get a bounce even if only in the morning and then fade in the afternoon, the following stocks in my opinion have very good odds of making out sized up moves:



Good luck and good trading!

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