Monday, August 22, 2011

My watches for tomorrow...

Here are my best ideas to watch after the open for day trades:

Here's a list of weak stocks that I will be looking through during the session to trade based off the intra day chart of the SPY's should it continue selling off: $DANG, $CSIQ, $PDC, $P, $SD, $VHC, $RRR, $ALJ, $MOH, $LNKD, $IMAX, $JRCC, $SHO, $MTW, $JVA, $AMRN, $WTI, $ARIA, $AKS, $DF, $JDSU. These stocks generally mirror the markets intra day but they usually form cleaner intra day patterns, offer better risk/reward and are usually much easier to trade/manage while in them than the SPY's!

Although as I said in the weekend video, I still think we are from the end of the correction, I am anticipating that we are going to get a two to three day bounce soon. For not only are the markets over sold and holding support at the lows set in early August I am also seeing a few nice long set ups that are sure to move up big on a two to three day time frame if and when the markets do bounce. So I implore you to keep an eye on these stocks for swing entries (which means looser stops and small exposure as a % of your account):

Swing ideas: $TUDO, $CARB, $GOL, $STAA, $ABAT

Good luck and good trading!

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