Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My 15 best ideas for Wednesday...

I only played $PANL from last night's watch list and banked a nice $250 gain in a less than 25 mins or so. I longed it @ $52.50 w/ $52.00 stop loss off a tight flag on the 5 min chart (as I highlighted at the bottom of last night's watch...I enter most trades off breaks of levels or consolidations), I added more @ $52.52 and then sold 1/2 the entire position @ $53.50 then the rest @ $54.00. I missed out on another 4 - 5 points of upside but I am still very happy with trade. So I am confident my set ups can make money and will continue to trade them according to the plans I have written on the charts and the entry/exit rules I outlined in last nights post. Hope you find them profitable too.

Good luck and good trading!

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