Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Current positions and watches for tmrw

So I had three stocks on last night watches and two of them triggered. I took both triggers, they acted well apart from a little fade off into the close and I am still holding full positions in both of them. Here are my current open positions:


So the plan for $SXCI is to book half profits at $100.00ish and I will tweet when I ever do this tomorrow and then holding the second half position for a bigger move. The reasons for this are: 1) It it my view that the markets have now entered a new intermediate term uptrend (whether it lasts for 1 more week or 2 months; I don't know nor care) 2) $SXCI has outstanding fundamentals (outstanding earnings growth in recent quarters) and it's coming out of a beautiful cup with handle base on the daily chart. I looking for this stock to hit at least high $120's to low $130's with in a month or two. As for $WPRT, I'll be looking to book half profits @ $32.50ish and then look to hold the other half for a few more days for a move to $35.00 - $36.00 level if it doesn't stop me out.



Good luck and good trading!

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  1. good job elingford..i love watching your progress. well thought out stuff