Sunday, September 2, 2012

Latest including a big recent change...

The month of August marked a decent month in terms of my account's performance with a gain in the region of 5%. I should have closed the month with gains north of 7% but for a couple losers in $NIHD and $NSM over the last couple weeks but that is the nature of the trading game.

None the less, I made a big decision in August. I decided to split my account roughly into two halves. Half I wired to the prop firm Lake Street Trading and re-joined the Bulls on Wall Street Silver program. This account will allow me to day trade freely. With this account my aim will be to make small gains from day trades that will add up to a decent monthly income that I will withdraw at the end of every month.

I kept the other half of my original account with IB and will continue to make swing trades in this account plus add to it monthly from my income streams including the prop account. I'm treating my IB account as a sort of longer term retirement-type account where I will look primarily for capital appreciation.

I will continue to keep track of the trades in my IB account under the performance tab above but I will add a separate section to keep track of my day trades in my Lake Street account.

I think September will be a great month...looking forward to Tuesday!

Good luck and good trading!

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