Sunday, September 16, 2012

My take on the markets and watches for tmrw...

Although I remain bullish on the markets on the intermediate term; in the near term I am bearish. After the FED announcement on Thursday the markets basically went vertical and historically these types of moves have been unsustainable and often lead to a short term pull back or in the best case a sideways move for a few days. So please bear this in mind for next week.

In light of this,  I have prepared my focus list for tomorrow with a health smattering of short ideas in the event we get a red day which in my opinion will catch a lot of market participants off guard as most people have now turned wildly bullish. Where as I've been bullish since early June! Even if the markets do pull back, however, there are some individual stocks that are in play that will defy the markets and go higher still. So I also have a healthy number of long ideas on watch. In fact, my watch list for tomorrow is extremely large with 36 ideas on watch! See them below:


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Hope you found this post useful! Good luck and good trading!

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