Monday, April 22, 2013

Swing ideas for tomorrow!

Like I've been anticipating for the past few days, the markets bounced today. Many of the long ideas I had on watch from last night triggered and a few of them really took off nicely. However, its important not to get carried away as we're still in a "correction" based on my market timing indicators and so caution on the long side is a must! In light of this, I recommend booking most of the profits on long swings tomorrow especially if the markets gap up. Further I believe that the selling we saw last week will resume at some point this week and so I'd rather be looking to initiate shorts than put on new longs although another 1 or 2 green days is not out of the question. I still like $SAVE and $BIOL from last night's watches for new long swings. However, here are my favourite ideas for tomorrow:

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