Thursday, May 9, 2013

My watch list for tomorrow

I stopped my self out of my $SSRI short today for a small loss after I recognised the commodities and metals in particular were looking to break to the upside. I added $TTWO as per my trading plan from last night at $15.98. Although it closed fairly weak, it still looks promising. I'm still long $SB, $MTG, $BONT and unfortunately $GST. Hoping for a turnaround in $GST tomorrow, otherwise I'll stop out at the low of the break out day (tuesday) around $2.72/73. Although I should have taken a partial off in $SB on Tuesday when it got up to $5.50; I'm satisfied with the way it and $MTG and $BONT are looking and will continue to hold them until they give me reason to sell. Here's what I'll be looking at tomorrow.

I also like $MDRX and $CCIX but will be looking to enter them after they announce earnings tomorrow if I get a low risk entry.

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