Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Trading update and my watches for tomorrow...

I started back classes this weekend and so I didn't get a chance do an update and watch list over the weekend. However, last night I had $GST, $FIO, $BBRY, $SSRI(short) and $SB on watch and entered four of them with $GST being the exception. So now I have 6 open positions ( $TVL and $MTG plus the four I just mentioned) which is a bit unusual for me. However, I wanted to be positioned heavily long the market as I am anticipating much higher prices in equities in the coming weeks if not months. At moment, I am 110% long and 20% short via $SSRI (aka silver). However, I am still looking to add long exposure until I am fully margined.

So tomorrow, I will be looking at the following to add to my portfolio should they trigger:

***I still like $GST

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