Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Trading update...

As the markets sold off hard today right out of the gate, none of my watches from last night triggered. So I added no new positions.

Further, the persistent selling triggered my stop in $BCRX early on then later I was forced to cut both $FLO and $VCLK before they hit my stops on account of the persistent selling in the markets.

So now I'm 100% cash and my account ended down roughly 4% for the month of April after four consecutive losses in $SPW, $BCRX, $FLO and $VCLK. Although the markets have not been easy to game, I'm looking forward to making back that 4% and then some in the month of May!

On another note, I will be travelling on Friday. I need to get a few things in place before I do, so I'll be taking the rest of the week off from trading. However, look out for my next blog post sometime over the weekend.

All the best with your trades for the rest of the week!

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