Monday, June 17, 2013

5 reasons I really like $TRIP for a swing trade!

1. Price momentum - $TRIP has been on an absolute tear in 2013 and is easily one of the leading stocks of the current uptrend.

2. Sector momentum - $TRIP and its entire group ($PCLN, $OWW, $AWAY) have been hot in 2013.

3. High short float - Although $TRIP has a 100mil+ share float about 14% of this currently held short. This could fuel an explosive move should the stock rip into new all-time highs forcing shorts to cover!

4. Fundamentals - The stock has reported solid quarter over quarter revenue and earnings growth in its  two most recent quarters.

5. Technicals - Finally the chart has formed an outstanding technical set up just off all-time highs while the market have corrected over the past couple weeks!

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