Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Trade update and my thoughts on the market.

I closed out my $SPWR short position for a small loss and closed out my $SCTY short for a decent profit. Although I was aiming for a 100% gain on my June $45 Put, my lack of patience got the better of me and I closed the position at a 60% gain. $SCTY looks like it still wants lower but will likely bounce soon if not tomorrow. So I don't mind being out of the trade. At the moment I'm in 100% cash and will likely remain that way for the remainder of the week. I explain the reason for this stance below.

I've been leaning bearish on the markets since last week. However, I'm now fully bearish on account of the first chart below:

So as I'm bearish I will stay away from new long swings. However, despite my bearishness, I'm not going to rush to initiate new short positions either as the indicator below (McClellan Oscillator) is suggesting that some sort of bounce is very likely in the near future. Should this bounce materialize; I will then look to be a very aggressive bear whenever the bounce appears to be petering out.

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