Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Trading update...

I did not expect it but we had a very ugly sell off in the markets today. I thought it was a certainty that I would get stopped out of $XRM but it held like a champ and only closed in the red by 2 pennies! Just goes to show why it pays to stick to your trading plan. I will continue to hold onto it even in the face of continued selling in the overall markets as long as it does not hit my stop. I really like the set up and story of the company. If the markets bounce...I believe it will break out and rip to new 52-week highs!

Although I didn't get a chance to post my watches last night, I had my eyes on some really sweet set ups this morning. Namely: $CSII, $REGI and $TA. While the selling crept into $REGI and $TA forcing me to discard any thoughts I had of adding them to my portfolio; $CSII held up like a real champ. So I took a position in it right before the close at $21.60 and watched it closed right at the HOD of $21.65. The set up looks really good ahead of data the company will present next week Thursday on one of the devices its developing. Here's the chart:

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