Monday, May 15, 2017

Best ideas for 5/16/2017

I made one trade today and it was a loser. Tried the $CLDR long idea off my watch list from last night....ended up losing $50 and as per my trading plan rules I had to stop trading for the day. The idea was solid and I never should have lost money on it. I saw all the indexes surging higher out of the gates and just felt like I had to be long something or I'd lose out on a great money making opportunity aka FOMO. So I forced a long entry in $CLDR when there was clearly no intra-day set-up and I was stopped out immediately. The stock was too extended and need some time to rest and consolidate yesterday's move. After doing exactly this; it broke out in the afternoon and make the exact move I was looking for. Lesson learned...wait for a proper fucking intra-day setup!!!

With that off my chest, here are my best ideas for tomorrow:

$ETRM former huge runner! A lot of eyes will be on this one tomorrow. I'll be watching it for a red-to-green move for second day run. This stock moves big when it moves; won't be surprised to see it touch 7's or even 8's tomorrow.

$IMGN will also be watching this runner today for a red-to-green move and re-test of $5. If I do play this I wouldn't be looking to marry it. Just hit and run. So this would have to set-up perfectly for me to consider playing it.

$SNAP massive 3-day run up after the huge gap down on earnings news. Looks like it could go parabolic tomorrow. I will eyeing it for a short trade off $22/$22.50 if it gives a clean intra-day set-up.

$CLDR still like this stock long. Still think it has potential to break to new all-time highs. Will be watching it above today's high for possible long entry.

$WTW this stock is beginning to weary now. I'll be watching it for a possible short below today's low for a pull-back to its 10-day EMA or $23ish.

$AFSI still short biased on this stock and still think it has a lot of downside potential. Will be eyeing for a possible short trade below today's low with the recent 52-week low as my target.

$ACAD persistently weak stock flagging above $28 for the past few days. A crack of this whole number support level could easily see at least a $1 move in this stock.

Those are my best ideas for now. Apart from these I will be trolling the top list for "in-play" stocks after the market opens tomorrow.

Best of luck out there tomorrow!!!

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