Saturday, May 6, 2017

My best ideas for 5/8/2017

My scan resulted in me finding 4 set-ups that I like for tomorrow:

$cdti reports earnings on thursday after the market close. I like it long $3.40 with $3.25 stop and $4.25 profit target. If this set-up does trigger an entry; I would be very quick to take it off if it doesn't start working right away as this could be a sign that with only 4 days to earnings; other investors/traders are reluctant to touch it until after earnings.

$pcti reports on tuesday, after the market closes. I believe it would be prudent to wait until after their earnings are reported before looking to play this. I will be keeping an eye on $pcti in after hours trading on tuesday for a possible long entry if I still like the set-up.

$esnd my favorite idea and unlike the other three already reported earnings for this earnings season. In fact they had a very positive reaction to earnings near the end of April. This coupled with its low float and the technical chart set-up can make this stock potentially very explosive. I like this one long at $17 with a $16.55 stop and if $esnd can break through resistance at $18 into the massive overhead gap; it does not have any resistance till $19.70ish offering a potential of $6 for every $1 risked on this trade.

$epzm reports earnings on Monday pre-market. It also has FDA news upcoming although this is not until the 2nd of June. As such I will be keeping an eye on this in pre-market trading on Monday for a possible entry post-earnings.

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