My Story

Ever since I was a little boy, I was always fascinated by this often talked about but little understood concept of the "stock market". My interest was especially peaked by the classic film "Trading Places" starring Eddie Murphy. Nonetheless, I just drifted along through High School and then College as a regular A student until in undergrad, when I decided to so some serious research into stocks and stock markets back in 2006. After months of studies, I decided I was ready to do this and funded an account with Zecco trading in the summer of 2007. That's when the addiction begun!

Like most traders, I went through many ups and downs, mostly downs though until near the end of 2009, a few months before starting this blog, when I became consistently profitable for a streak of 6 - 7 months. Nothing felt better. I grew my $4,000 account by 50ish% and then got over confident! I joined a prop firm for the first time looking to become a "professional day trader". You paid $5,000 up front for a couple months of "training" at the end of which you'd become one of their traders if you passed their test. Well I didn't pass their test and poof...$5,000 went up in smoke at the end of 2010. Although I felt cheated, I couldn't stay out of the game!

So early in 2011, after scraping together some savings, I opened a retail account once again this time with ThinkorSwim and started back trading. Only this time around, the likes of twitter and my exposure at Keystone meant that I simply couldn't go back to my old style of trading that had been profitable for all of 6 months. So for the first half of 2011, I traded and traded under the PDT rule without a clear strategy and had mixed results, only managing to grow my account via savings until in July of 2011. At this point, I decided I had had enough and joined Kunal Desai at the Bulls on Wall Street ( Although the markets were in a correction at the time, again I had no clear day trading strategy. I committed every day trading sin in the book and by late 2011 this account too went up in flames!

After this, feeling a bit dejected, I took a few months off to do some introspection. But it was not too long before I pulled together some savings once again and re-opened a retail account, this time with Interactive Brokers (IB). I must say they are the best broker I've ever used for swing trading! This time around with all the learnings off day trading, swing trading, years of experience, a healthy respect for the markets and a clear strategy; I plan to take my account past the PDT rule by the end of this year and to become a full time trader within the next 2 - 3 years!

Be sure to visit my site often for trade ideas as I publish my watch list and detailed trading plan nightly for the following session. 

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  1. Your IB account: Have you used their API for programmed trades?

    1. @Paul No, I've never tried the API. Not sure that I need it!

  2. Hey there just started came across your blog. I am interested in the bulls on wall street 16day trading camp but it seems that there are mixed testimonials for this service. Can you please share more insight on your experience with them? Thanks.

  3. Well there style of trading fit with what I'm comfortable with. So that's why I'm there. A lot of what I know about day trading I learned from them. They offer a 2 week trial. Maybe you can try that before joining the Boot Camp.

  4. keep pecking at it, you will get there young bro!!!!
    the holy grail to this game is learning to trade what you see!!

  5. Good luck in your journey man! You'll get there. You just have to keep plugging away at it. Trading is HARD. It's taken me 6 years to get to the point of where I could do it for a living. Most people give up by then. You have to keep protecting your capital and be in it for the long haul.